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Battery charger common failures and troubleshooting methods


Charging, charging power supply indicator, indicator light orange, first of all, please inspect it ') motor output plug and Battery charging Battery (') are the plug box inserted tightly. (Emerson) such as make sure no problem, can check the Battery (') box above the fuse (fuse) loose tube is open circuit or fuse with poor contact phenomenon of loose (lines). In addition, some models (') on the lock of the Battery to charge.

Second, the severe fever, even have a shell flashing deformation phenomenon, this part mainly due to some users often accompanied by loose components caused by the fault (fault). Battery internal resistance tester is the instrument through online testing, and can display and record of the single or multiple sets of batteries voltage, internal resistance, capacity and other important parameters, effectively carry out behind the battery, and with the computer and battery test report data management software, followed the trend of decay, and providing maintenance advice. Apply to the communication base station, transformer substation, UPS battery maintenance inspection. Used for battery acceptance, storage battery group and routine inspection. Battery capacity tester can through the appropriate charging process converts electrical energy into chemical energy stored in batteries inside, and the two kinds of process cycle can be more than hundreds of times. At present the standard no. 5, no. 7 rechargeable batteries mainly includes the nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium battery these three categories. To measure the battery performance is one of the most important indicator is the battery capacity. So grand production of the battery capacity tester to test rechargeable battery.

Third, the power indicator light is not bright, charging indicator light is not bright, inspect the Battery (') as the motor input power plug connected to the mains do you have any good, the Battery charger is input plug to the normal power supply socket, such as the situation (the guy tion) still, open the shell, observe the fuse (fuse) in one - off the plane had broken, if not broken, first check whether the power input line is good, the ruled out (Remove) the power input line after fault (fault), should check the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) near the high of components on whether there is a virtual welding, if there is a poor contact fuse holder loose (lines) phenomenon, key (zhong dian) check pressure (pressure variable) T1, triode V1 and V2, if there is a virtual welding phenomenon. Battery tester, when using the nimh battery or lithium battery in the tester under test, the indicators set, for testing, can test out the battery voltage, internal resistance, capacity, charge, discharge, over current, short circuit protection. Test is completed, press the "print" button, you can print by small printer - similar to rent ticket inspection report and the report can be displayed on the cell type, voltage, capacity, detection units, time, and whether or not qualified.

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