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Several factors affect the lithium battery performance have?


1: the discharge current

The size of the discharge current, the lithium battery, the influence of different lithium battery, support different discharge rate, usually with 0.2 C, 0.5 C 1 C 3 C 5 C 10 C 20 C discharge rate, such as batteries, with batteries, under different discharge rate, the capacity retention is different, the discharge rate, the greater the release of capacity is less, so when selecting a lithium battery, should pay attention to choose to suit the load working current of the battery. And, of course, the larger the discharge rate of the battery, its nominal capacity will be less, with a relatively low energy density, inner ear and the welding position, which causes the current, the better, the smaller the battery internal resistance. With battery, long-term high discharge rate, the cycle life is influential, cycle life will decay more quickly.

2: the charging current

What is the effect of charging current to the lithium battery? General advice lithium-ion batteries charging ratio is 0.2 C, for example, a 10 ah lithium batteries commonly used 2 a charging current, charging 0.5 C application situation is also more, of course, on the market a lot of quick charge, 1 C - 2 - C solution, with 30 minutes, 40 minutes with these, charging current of battery retention capacity and cycle life and safety, there is a big impact, the charging current, the greater the actual charge in the smaller capacity, cycle life the more powerful attenuation, security will decline, as you all know, most of the lithium battery burning accident, happened in the process of battery charge.

However, the length of the charging time, directly affect the customer's experience, how to do? Let's specific projects, specific application scenario, still have to select the most appropriate project itself.

3: working temperature

Conventional lithium battery, charging temperature is 0 ~ 45 degrees, the discharge temperature is 20 ~ 60 degrees, the low temperature condition, lithium ion is not active, the temperature is too high, lithium ion is too active again, so the lithium battery, usually have a clear work temperature range, lithium battery energy density is high, the stored energy, but also very fragile ah, how do you have to use in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Low temperature condition, charging, will cause the formation of lithium, lithium battery anode surface of metal precipitation, dendrite formation, pierced diaphragm between anode and cathode, causing internal short circuit batteries, cause fever, burning, or even explode. As technology innovation, through the improved electrolyte, now special lithium battery, can be in charge - 20 ~ 45 degrees, discharge - 50 ~ 60 degrees, of course, the cost will be relatively higher.

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