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The battery pack nominal voltage and output voltage range


Types have a lot of batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel chromium batteries, lithium and disposable batteries, alkaline batteries, carbon batteries, and more recently very fire of hydrogen fuel cell, etc., not list one by one here. Let's take a look at a variety of battery voltage!

Lead acid battery:

A single case of lead-acid battery nominal voltage is 2.0 V, can discharge to 1.5 V, can charge to 2.4 V. A single lead-acid batteries, therefore, nominal voltage is 2 V, the output voltage range is 2.4 V to 1.5 V, is full of 2.4 V, with continuous discharge, the voltage curve normally down continuously, in practice, in order to get all sorts of different voltage, often together with six single lead-acid batteries of nominal is 12 V lead-acid batteries, therefore, nominal 12 V lead-acid battery, voltage output range is: 9 V ~ 14.4 V, is full of 14.4 V, discharge cut-off voltage is 9 V, lead-acid battery has a better stability, can need not protect board control voltage, overcharge, discharge will not produce risk, of course, long-term overcharge too, for the life of the lead-acid battery, impact or a lot of, in addition with the method of series and more, there are 24 V, 36 V, 48 V voltage of lead-acid batteries.

Lithium battery:

The classification of lithium ion battery, many different kinds, voltage platform is also different, let's take a look at below all kinds of lithium ion battery voltage range.

Section 1: the ternary lithium electricity, single nominal voltage is 3.7 V, usually filled with voltage of 4.2 V, discharge by 2.0 V, lithium battery protection to protect the board commonly, lithium battery once put, process is not reversible, produces the risk of leakage and burst into flames, lithium battery voltage is 0, charging can't use again. General protection plate set the discharge voltage of 2.5 V to 3 V, through series and more, can be different voltage and capacity, 2 series of nominal voltage of 7.4 V, three series of the nominal voltage of 11.1 V, four series of nominal voltage of 14.8 V, five series, six series of application is less, seven series of nominal voltage of 25.9 V, 8 ~ 12 chain application is less, 13 series of 48.1 V, and so on...

Ternary lithium electricity type and a lot of kinds, shape of cylindrical, soft bag of polymer, square aluminum shell, etc., but the nominal voltage of 3.7 V, generally 3.6 V and 3.65 V, in the majority with Japan and South Korea are batteries, but the same voltage range.


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