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Lithium battery PACK accessories, rounding


1, PACK, PACK consists of battery, protection board, the outer packing or shell, output (including connector), key switch, power indicator, and the auxiliary material such as EVA, barley paper, plastic stent PACK these several common components. PACK of external characteristic is decided by application. There are many kinds of PACK.

2, the characteristics of the PACK:

1, a complete function, can be directly used.

2, the diversity of species. There are many PACK can realize the same application demand.

3 and battery PACK requirements batteries have a high degree of consistency (capacity, internal resistance, voltage, discharge curve, life).

4, cycle life of battery PACK is lower than the single cycle life of the battery.

5, under the condition of limited use (including charge and discharge current, charging ways, temperature, humidity, vibration, stress levels, etc.)

6, lithium battery PACK charging protection board requires balancing function.

7, high voltage, large current battery PACK (such as electric car batteries, energy storage system) required battery management system (BMS), the CAN and RS485 communication bus

8, battery PACK in charger of the demand is higher, some of the requirements and BMS implement newsletter, the purpose is to make each cell normal work and fully display the battery stored energy, and to ensure that the use of safe and reliable.

4, the use of lithium-ion batteries note!!!!!!

Cannot be used into the fire or near heat source!!!!!

Do not use metal speak the positive negative output directly connected together.

Cannot be used beyond the battery temperature range.

Don't yank the battery and put the light with light.

With dedicated charger or charge in the correct way.

On a battery, please don't charge once three months, and according to the storage temperature.

Xin ding machinery will continue adhering to the "people-oriented, technology as the guide, the good faith as the base, a positive innovation" business philosophy, to science and technology for mankind to contribute to the progress and the development of social economy.

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