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Lithium battery detection system to develop in the direction of standardization and intelligent


Extension of the application of lithium batteries, lithium battery materials technology innovation and the progress of the manufacturing process, type and parameters changing lithium battery of lithium battery in the application of the downstream quality requirements are changing, too. Many industry downstream customers, lithium battery detection system requirements vary, diversity, personalization features; For custom products, each style must be combined with existing products industry enterprises, the design scheme of input cost of product development, increase the cost of a lot of. With the steady growth of the human cost, and new energy vehicles to the lithium battery market demand, the downstream lithium battery manufacturing process and continued ascension, degree of product standardization, dual power, both inside and outside of the industry enterprises to promote products to develop in the direction of standardization.

Lithium battery detection system with downstream industry technology is complex, involving the production, process, more long. With the increase of the downstream lithium battery manufacturing automation, intelligent manufacturing system, the establishment of the enterprise to lithium battery detection system for the manufacturing process of various nodes data collection, analysis and forecast, control, feedback, tracking problem, human-machine intelligent interactive, highly integrated, intelligent production has more pressing requirements such as intelligent.

Shenzhen xin ding machinery technology co., LTD. Was established in April 14, 2016. The company has team in new energy equipment industry extremely rich work experience for many years. After years of efforts, has developed a series of material basic experiment equipment, new energy technology research and development equipment, battery materials research and development equipment and technology developing, designing and manufacturing of professional test equipment. Is dedicated to scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, research and development of enterprises, independent research and development to provide a full range of testing equipment and technology solutions. Now form a complete set equipment solutions include: the battery pole piece preparation, preparation plan button battery, cylindrical battery preparation plan, soft package cell preparation plan, aluminum shell battery preparation plan, power battery preparation plan and preparation of super capacitor, etc. Equipment series include battery from the slurry preparation to the finished product to test a full set of preparation process

Chongqing lithium battery detection system


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