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Battery replacement standards


When the actual capacity of the Battery (') is lower than the manufacturer (aka: manufacturers) 80% of the rated capacity values, should replace the Battery. Battery internal resistance tester is the instrument through online testing, and can display and record of the single or multiple sets of batteries voltage, internal resistance, capacity and other important parameters, effectively carry out behind the battery, and with the computer and battery test report data management software, followed the trend of decay, and providing maintenance advice. Apply to the communication base station, transformer substation, UPS battery maintenance inspection. Used for battery acceptance, storage battery group and routine inspection. Replacement of timing is a function of size standards application, also can compare all kinds of load (load) under the condition of the capacity of the boundary may (maybe) values. Shows that 80% of capacity even if battery dc system (system) have to meet the load capacity of ampere (ampere) (current (Electron flow)) ability, the degradation

(retrograde) speed are also on the increase, such as unsatisfied service (fu mu) the results of the test (Testleasure) or add new load requirements, may be required to replace batteries. Such as abnormal (zhuru) monomer/yuan high temperature (temperature) of the physical properties. Is usually decided to change the conditions of the entire group or individual cells, single polarity reverse to make further verification of the need to replace and monomer/yuan is a good indicator. If you want to replace monomer/yuan, its electrical properties must be compatible, and a change of monomer/yuan and must pass a test before installation. Is not recommended in the battery failure near the end of the replacement of monomer/yuan.

A monomer voltage after correction (meaning: proofreading correct) after operation control (charge) is still low, so is the need to replace for further verification and monomer/yuan is a good indicator. Battery capacity tester can through the appropriate charging process converts electrical energy into chemical energy stored in batteries inside, and the two kinds of process cycle can be more than hundreds of times. At present the standard no. 5, no. 7 rechargeable batteries mainly includes the nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium battery these three categories. To measure the battery performance is one of the most important indicator is the battery capacity. So grand produced worm pool capacity test instrument to detect rechargeable battery. Battery tester is dedicated to the daily maintenance of the backward monomer battery processing of portable products, it has the use of three separate battery discharge way, the way the battery and battery activation. Can according to the actual situation of different behind the battery, for behind the battery capacity test, low pressure constant current charging, or set up multiple cycle loop of minimum capacity of the battery charge and discharge for many times, in order to fuel battery plate failure of the active material make the cell activation, enhance behind the capacity of the battery. In a row (Continui ty) test (TestMleasure) in the failure of the monomer/yuan, as long as there is - an unrecoverable condition, must be replaced immediately.

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