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Dc power supply maintenance solution?


Valve control battery in at the same time, with prominent advantages and congenital deficiencies, such as:

Capacity is difficult to test (Testleasure), can't add water, higher to float charging pressure, using the environment requirement. Battery internal resistance tester is the instrument through online testing, and can display and record of the single or multiple sets of batteries voltage, internal resistance, capacity and other important parameters, effectively carry out behind the battery, and with the computer and battery test report data management software, followed the trend of decay, and providing maintenance advice. Apply to the communication base station, transformer substation, UPS battery maintenance inspection. Used for battery acceptance, storage battery group and routine inspection. Intelligent battery activation instrument with the use of three separate ways: battery discharge way, the way the battery and battery activation. Can according to the actual situation of different behind the battery, for behind the battery capacity test, intelligent charging, or set up multiple cycle times please charge and discharge cycle, with fuel battery plate failure of the active material makes cell activation, enhance behind the capacity of the battery. Comprehensive tester does not need to discharge battery accurately measure the internal resistance and estimate capacity, found behind the battery in advance, to ensure the safe operation of the battery power supply system, and guide the battery in the correct parameters, prolong the service life of battery, alarm for abnormal condition. Storage Battery (') after put into use, as the design of the Battery factory, tooling equipment (offerings), Quality control (control) (Quality control) as well as the pressure setting of floating charge in use, using the environment temperature

(temperature), and other factors (factor), can lead to active material drop, go bad, the positive grid corrosion and sulfur (chemical symbol: S) wait for a phenomenon, make the whole battery capacity. Capacity loss, voltage difference inequalities, backward monomer battery, etc., will be safe production (Produce) to bring huge hidden trouble. When the power grid failure (fault) need batteries, once the battery will not discharge cause malignant accidents. < maintenance regulations require a reference check battery capacity test, the purpose is to test out the actual capacity of the battery pack, find out behind the battery, eliminate hidden dangers.

Dc power supply custom


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