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What are the function of battery testing equipment?


In today's market multifarious various battery testing equipment, but the function of battery testing equipment is the same, in the process of use to the battery test equipment, each user can realize the function of battery testing equipment, battery test equipment is indispensable to the phone industry now test the product.

Because battery testing equipment is a large test battery products, and its function is very powerful, can be individually battery charge and discharge online, and because of its continuous cycle for many times to charge and discharge process, is the computer processing, can according to it has made the analysis on various aspects have a comparatively complete analysis of the response data.

Lead-acid battery testing equipment, with a constant voltage charging, constant current charging, exile constant power, constant power discharge and let stand, loop operation mode, set the multi-stage program run mode can free combination; Multiple loop body can be completed the cycle life of experiments, the parameters of the loop body, phases can be set freely. Set loop program, can set a nested loop, loop layer 4 layer can be set up.

Battery testing equipment on time, voltage, ampere hour phase transformation way and according to the condition of automatic operation data record function; Phase number, parameters such as current, voltage, cycle times can be set within the rated themselves, and real-time display voltage, current, in the process of testing the information such as time, cycle times, stage; Program set up charge and discharge termination conditions, do not have to fill in the item by item, can choose termination conditions, according to the actual control item does not match the termination conditions don't choose.

Xin ding machinery will continue adhering to the "people-oriented, technology as the guide, the good faith as the base, a positive innovation" business philosophy, to science and technology for mankind to contribute to the progress and the development of social economy.


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