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How to judge of battery testing equipment testing performance?


Battery testing equipment is a comprehensive qualitative test battery parameters, to test the battery charge and discharge performance and the size of the battery capacity, for different battery equipment, using different types of equipment for testing of the experiment, it can understand the usage of battery in large extent.

Battery testing equipment is used to test the battery, then what on earth is he to work? Look at the following related introduction.

1. The first thing to understand what performance, the battery needs to be tested according to different test performance, the test methods are also different, can use comprehensive test equipment and battery monomer battery test equipment, electric test equipment than traditional manual testing equipment, greatly shorten the testing time, the detection accuracy is higher, more accurate data.

2. The battery testing equipment, has a constant voltage, constant current charging, constant exile electricity, constant power discharge and let stand, circulating operation mode, set the multi-stage program run mode can free combination; Multiple loop body can be completed the cycle life of experiments, the parameters of the loop body, phases can be set freely. Set the cycle, cycle times is consistent with the actual running cycles, can set a nested loop, loop layer 4 layer can be set up.

3. According to the record data - voltage, time - - phase capacity current, time, time - charging the accumulate capacity, time - discharge capacity, time - the total capacity, time - power, time - resistance, time, energy, time - monomer battery voltage, the cycles - specified phase capacity attenuation curve (circulation capacity) curve and support such as printing, graph can copy can also be exported as BMP format file, graph to display in partial enlargement.

Zhejiang battery test equipment


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