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How correct maintenance and maintenance of battery extrusion machine


Extrusion machine mainly aimed at the electric car batteries, electric moped monomers such as lithium battery or nickel metal hydride battery, battery pack goods battery withstand voltage test of the system. Extrusion machine can detect the battery zui large extrusion resistant, deformation, battery battery voltage drop and surface temperature, etc., and integrating with multi-function. At the same time the machine for the battery sample may appear in the tested rushed burst into flames, designed the sound pressure explosion venting, automatic fire extinguishing, and other functions, and using the remote control to the secondary protection, ensure the safety of test personnel colleagues can accurately test again.

Often have a similar problem, customer consultation battery extrusion machine maintenance is very troublesome, exactly how to correct the maintenance?

Battery tester


The following analysis for everybody, correct maintenance methods:

1, first of all, the operation procedures of the the operator must read up on the use of the instrument and equipment operating instructions, and safekeeping;

2, instrument shall be grounded when installation, smooth, not tilt, do not shake;

3, daily cleaning instruments should be used when the external dust dry cotton cloth to wipe;

4, to use the environment temperature control instrument, temperature, continuous working time, power supply voltage, etc.;

5, instrument should pay attention to moistureproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, when not in use for a long time application of dust cloth cover up;

6, procuratorial regularly to ensure that the equipment form a complete set of instruments and accessories complete;

7, on a regular basis to current procuratorial battery extrusion machine, once found a peculiar smell of smoke, fire, and to cut off the power immediately, report management, prevent damage to the instrument;

8, regular maintenance battery extrusion machine, found that the failure to timely eliminate or with suppliers, maintenance records regularly, usually large equipment cleaning and maintenance 2 to 5 times a month;

9, when he found the fault of the cannot be ruled out the center of the equipment shall be notified to technicians to repair, do not remove the secretly.


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